Introducing the newest member of the NWA: West Coast Wrestling Connection

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In a main event to end them all in the 6 plus years of WCWC shows, JT Allen’s man, Erik Baeden defeated Jeff Manning’s guy, Brandon Gatson (who was filling in at the last minute for the injured Bolo). which means that JT Allen and the Faction are the new legal owners of the West Coast Wrestling Connection. One things this means is that this website may not be updated again for a few more days as all of us staffers are sitting on thin ice. I personally apologize for this situation and hope that everyone will be patient as the WCWC goes thru whatever changes Allen and company have planned.

Just when everyone thought the WCWC might be doomed thanks to the new ownership of the Faction, along comes the NWA who apparently made JT Allen an offer he was unable to pass up. Dave Marquez, President of NWA Hollywood, made the purchase and in yet another surprising move, asked former owner Jeff Manning to step in and oversee the day to day operations, at least on a temporary basis.
What does this all mean? No one knows for sure. But one thing we do know is that within a week or less this website will be updated with a lot of new information on the status of the WCWC. Our new webmaster will have his hands full so we ask for a little bit of patience during this short transition time.

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