Introducing NWA Korea again?

It was announced recently via the NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida Website that joining their collaborative would be Pro Wrestling Fit.  Who will be referred to as NWA Korea.

The last time we focused our attention to Korea with regards for the National Wrestling Alliance was back in 2010 in a Spanning the Globe article.  Then it was during the much talked about Super Dragon (no, not the Los Angeles version) and Bob Sapp.  However, that was the WWA.

However with Pro Wrestling Fit, it looks like there is actual discussion of a talent exchange:

Monzkid will be the chief trainer and President of NWA Korea while Rick Love serves as the talent manager and operations director for all NWA Korea shows. A Pro Wrestling Fit Heavy Weight Champion will be crowned later this year in tournament held in the USA. The newly crowned champion will be the number one contended for the tournament in Korea to crown the first NWA Korea Champion in more than a decade.
During the Press Conference Rick Love stated: “Monzkid is the logical choice for this project. His name recognition and popularity has surpassed that of champions from the other promotion in Korea. His recent tours of the USA and Australia have given him more exposure and experience than any other wrestling in Korea at this time. We are very excited about this joint venture and the development of the international television show featuring talent from both NWA Korea and NWA CWFL.”

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