Into the NWA Multiverse

For over ten year the Alliance Guys Podcast has been talking about the National Wrestling Alliance. Jay Cal, DKM, and Jaden wax poetic about the NWA and recap the NWA POWERRR show.

On this episode of the Alliance Guys… At full force, the Alliance Guys #talkNWA with Episode 4 from #NWAPOWERRR.

At first, we speak about the multi-verse that was created by having The Wild Cards defend the NWA World Tag Team Championship at the Modist Madness event at Modist Brewery. If the Rock N Roll Express showed of their tag team titles then how can Isaacs and Lattimer have a set of titles to defend… unless our to universes are converging and now we have two sets of NWA World Tag Team Champions. It wouldn’t be the first time.

We briefly mention a disgraced POS who used to be the promoter of the Virginia area for the NWA, long before Billy Corgan bought the NWA.

Next, we identify a recurring theme. Why do the champions have so much POWER on POWERRR. They chose who they defend the titles against. They pick their opponents. They also decide when they defend the titles. Why does Nick Aldis get so convoluted with his match stipulations?

The Alliance Guys Podcast is in the 10th season and is a presentation of The Premier Source for news and information for the National Wrestling Alliance. And also, thanks for everyone that has continued to visit the site, listen to the podcast or have purchased a shirt. Your support has meant everything to me. Thank you.

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