Interviews with Jay Cal | Former NWA National Champion Damien Wayne

November 2nd, 2012 would be a night of triumph for some for others disappointment. After the departure of the last two previous champions, the NWA was looking to crown a new Worlds Heavyweight Champion. All eyes were on the then DAWG Champion, Damien Wayne. Wayne cherished the NWA. The three initials meant the world to him. Wayne had proven himself loyal to the NWA. He had carried the NWA North American Championship. Wayne had held several NWA regional NWA Championships too. His feud with former NWA Worlds Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, felt like a precursor of things to come. On that faithful night, the NWA Front Office called an audible in the sense of “swerving” the audience. The late addition to the match, altered the outcome, and alas, Wayne never fulfilled his destiny. These days Wayne currently represents the Allied Independent Wrestling Federation as their Worlds Champion. Wayne still competes in the Mid-Atlantic region and truly wherever the AIWF takes him. In this interview, we will discuss the reverence that Wayne has had with the National Wrestling Alliance. We will also discuss that faithful night November 2nd, 2012, his time with DAWG, the AIWF, and what the future holds for the Mid-Atlantic Bad Ass.

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