Interview with NWA TX Stampede James Beard


With the Blockbuster announcement late Tuesday evening (from the Desk of Tony Brooklyn) that Texas Stampede Wrestling had joined the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest governing body in professional wrestling, contacted James Beard, the current Director of Wrestling Operations, to hear his thoughts on one of the most important decisions he’s made for what is now known as NWA TXStampede. Thank you, Mr. Beard, for allowing this time to speak to you about about an exciting announcement just days prior to one of the most important events in TXStampede, or should I say, NWA TXStampede’s short history.

James Beard: You’re welcome, and you can call me James. I’m more than happy and proud to discuss the recent announcements and events for NWA TXStampede. Ok, James, this Saturday May 4th in Balch Springs, Texas, you have one of what many are saying is the most important events in NWA TXStampede history. How so? And why, after already having an event this year (TX8 Tournament 2.23.13) did you decide to join the NWA instead of back in October when many were joining left and right?

James Beard: I haven’t lasted this long in the business by making emotional or hasty decisions. I sat back and watched everything transpire (NWA ownership changing hands via a lawsuit) last year and felt it was about time to make a decision. I contacted the TXStampede Advisory Staff and picked their brains on what they felt were the pros and cons of joining the National Wrestling Alliance. As far as “Hard Times” being the most important event in NWA TXStampede history, that’s an understatement. At every show we strive to set the bar even higher than the previous one. We currently have only ran in Balch Springs but we have a long term business structure that will allow us to provide Smash Mouth Wrestling style events for many years to come. Attendance is important, of course due to the bottom line, but providing solid & competitive match ups with highly trained Athletes is our top priority. Too many starts up over the past decade have wanted to be “The next big thing”. We’re focused on longevity and not trying to make some noise for a year or two, then fizzle out. So you believe the NWA decision is a Win for NWA TXStampede?

James Beard: It’s a Win / Win for both sides. The NWA isn’t “just three letters for fans to chant” at shows. There is a rich history to the brand. Like I mentioned earlier, I studied this new NWA regime (Bruce Tharpe / Chris Ronquilo) and when I was invited to attend and officiate at the NWA Houston’s Parade of Champions Paul Boesch Tribute, I was able to get a full feel of what this new NWA is about. There are some solid NWA Champions, including the Tokyo Monster Kahagas (first NWA Grand Slam Champion), and the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Conway is a great representative for the brand. It will be an honor to have him compete at a future NWA Stampede event. This also opens an additional avenue for Barbi Hayden to challenge for the NWA Women’s World Championship. It’s a win for the NWA too as they now have a strong anchor company based out of Dallas. You feel NWA TXStampede and National Wrestling Alliance are on the same page as far as expansion and vision?

James Beard: Look, the NWA & NWA TXStampede groups can believe whatever we want. Ultimately, the Athletes must also see the vision of the brands. If the workers don’t want it or “get it” then none of this matters. NWA TXStampde will allow an additional stage for Athletes such as Carson, Wilcott, Matthews, Jackson, Starks, Reigns, Claxton and others to attempt to earn NWA title shots and gold, in addition to our own “Bull of the Woods” Championship. There is currently a very positive surge in the State and we look forward to using outside talent like Jax Dane, Raymond Row, Scot Summers, Ryan Genesis, Brent McKenzie and Mike Dell. It’s an exciting time for Texas wrestling & NWA TXStampede. Let’s not forget the Staff that puts in hundreds of hours in between, and the day of each event, to ensure things go off without a hitch. Travis Baxter, Alex Curran, Big Biss, Stan Callahan, Cole Yates, James Ranft & the City of Balch Springs assistants all contribute. Thank you for your time, James. Anything else you’d like to mention?

James Beard: Just that this Saturday really is very important to NWA TXStampede. Come out and support some Smash Mouth Wrestling as each and every Athlete on the card sets out to steal the show. There’s a saying our likes to use, “Don’t Compare, Just Be There”…and that’s exactly what fans of professional wrestling should do by attending “Hard Times” this Saturday, May 4th, LIVE from the Balch Springs Rec. Center (4372 Shepherd Ln. 75180) with a NEW Start time of 6pm. Come see the crowning of our first “Bull of the Woods” Champion when Luke Hawx competes against “Addictive & Expensive” Byron Wilcott and a return match from the TX8 Tournament between “Action” Jackson & “Texas Prodigy” Carson with Barbi Hayden. We also have Danny Matthews, Chris Cross, Ricky Starks, James Claxton, Alex Reigns and the debut of Rudy Russo on the card. I meant it when I said, North Texas needed it…The Fans deserve it. Check out all our social media sites for more information. (located below)

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