Interview with David Lagana

Unfiltered, transparent, David Lagana speaks at length with candor and honesty. Jay has been on the ground floor of Corgan’s Vision of the NWA.

Lagana addresses the growth of the NWA, the controversy with James Cornette, his vision of the NWA going forward, and some of the rumors he’s even heard about himself.

The National Wrestling Alliance was once known as the oldest sanctioning body of professional wrestling in the United States. Celebrating it’s 71 years of existence the brand has had many highs and lows.

The current upswing of the NWA can be attributed to Billy Corgan and David Lagana. As Vice President of the NWA, Lagana’s biggest challenge was to bring back relevancy to a championship belt that had seen better days.

Since the two years after Billy Corgan purchased the brand, the NWA has had a bit of revival. Kicking off the Ten Pounds of Gold all the way to the wildly popular YouTube Series #NWAPOWERRR

Jay Cal and David speak about the program, the Jim Cornette incident, the talent that has surprised him, and the growth of the brand.



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