Jay Cal interviews former Southern California Cruiserweight Chris Kadillack.

As one of the premiere cruiserweights in Southern California, Chris Kadillak was a testament to high-flying wrestling, done correctly. In many ways, it always felt like Kadillak was the unofficial gatekeeper of the SoCal Indie scene. And the amount of places Kadillak worked was nearly limitless. Up and down the West Coast, be in PWG, EWF, AWS, SoCal Pro, Mach-1, APW, and IWL, and was a regular for the National Wrestling Alliance. Kadillak worked with a handful of the top NWA names in 2008 (The NWA Wrestling Showcase) program that aired on Colours.

Towards the end of his in-ring career, Kadillak was sharing the ring with Jack Cartwheel, Alexander Hammerstone, SoCal Crazy, and Danny Limelight. He held championships with the Empire Wrestling Federation, while still affiliated with the NWA. He held championship gold in New Wave Pro Wrestling, AWS, and Gold Coast Wrestling Federation.

Join us at 8 PM Eastern as we look back at the career that made Chris Kadillak. We’ll discuss coming up in the EWF, representing Riverside, CA, Junior Heavyweights in SoCal, and his time working with David Marquez and his National Wrestling Alliance. All this and more.

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