Interview with Barrett Brown

In this one of a kind experience, listen to two former NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champions (neither ever lost the title) talk about the path of a Junior Heavyweight and what it means to be champion!

We are grateful for the friends we have made along the way of producing this weekly podcast this year. From DKM, Kevin Frazier, and Jay Cal we wish you the best Thanksgiving possible. Please enjoy your family and feast.

On this special episode of The Alliance Guys Podcast, two NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champions discuss what that championship means. Neither man had lost that title. Barrett Brown was the last man to hold the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship prior to the ownership change. The title’s history was officially sealed before the NWA 70th Anniversary Show. There was precedent set that if the NWA were to revive the Jr. Heavyweight Division, that Barrett Brown would be recognized as champion, but it doesn’t look like the title will be back any time soon.

Initially recorded as part of the an Introspective of the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Division, Barrett Brown discusses his time with the NWA, working for both Ken Taylor’s NWA Southwest and working for the NWA in Texas under Bruce Tharpe’s ownership. We spend time reflecting on what it meant for him to win the World Jr. Heavyweight Championship, his teaming with Kevin Frazier, and more. We discuss his time working with New Japan of America and what’s next for the world class athlete.

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