International Man of Mystery: Hartley Jackson

Hartley Jackson has been a fixture for the National Wrestling Alliance for nearly five years.  In five years times, Jag has made appearances for NWA Pro Wrestling Stateside, along with NWA Pro affiliate Explosive Pro Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling, all the while being a fixture of the NWA Pro Wrestling Australia group. And with Jag’s recent return to Japan, its without a doubt, that Hartley Jackson is the International Man of Mystery!
The former NWA Australian Heavyweight Champion, since joining the Zero One tour began partnering with NWA Heartland States Champion Steve Corino.  In a match against KAMIKAZE X and Kintaro Kanemura, Jackson scored the victory following one of his deadly lariats.  Jackson was on the side of the losing team with Corino, and Minoru Fujita, who caused the loss teamed with Shinkiro Otani, Akebono, and KAMIKAZE.  For the next match, Jag and Corino took on the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles from the tag team Kazan, who are Otani and Akebono.  Corino and Jackson blamed the loss on the cold temperatures.  Jag even said “We lost and there’s nothing we can do about the past. It was difficult to get used to the bitter cold of Hokkaido. What happened to Global Warming? It hasn’t reached Hokkaido yet? It snows in April!? I’ve been doing my best to get used to this, and I think I’m ready for tomorrow and a victory!”
Corino and Jag got back on the winning ways defeating former Z1 Heavyweight Champion Masato Tanaka and Kintaro Kanemura.  And Jackson would also win his first singles match in Zero One the following week against Young Generation Wrestler Yoshikazu Yokoyama. 

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