Indy Power Rankings for the Week of October 14th, 2013

Indy Power Rankings1. Adam Cole-Is there really another legitimate choice for #1 this week? Cole has not lost since early September and with his status as both ROH and PWG World Champion, it seems clear that he is “The Best in the World” right now. He meets all the major criteria to be the #1 and this week he took his show on the
road to California and Wrestling Cares where he defeated Pepper Parks to  advance in the Race for the Ring Tournament.

2. Matt Taven-This is the highest ranking yet for the ROH TV Champion as he
knocked off a former #2 in his own right in Biff Busick at Chaotic Wrestling on  10/11. The TV Champ has been unstoppable lately in Ring of Honor and he has carried over that success to every company he competes in. Can he keep the
momentum going and grab his first #1 ranking?

3. Uhaa Nation-“The One Man Nation” took a week off, returned to the states, and recharged his batteries. When he returned to Japan he was a wrecking ball. He has run his 5 week record to 15-3-2 with his only blemish this weekend coming in a tag match vs. CIMA & Gamma where he did not take the pin. While it’s true he missed out on the #1 ranking this week, it’s going to be tough to
keep him away from that elusive #1 spot forever.

4. Matt Tremont-“The Bulldozer” EARNS his highest ranking to date as he took down Joe Gacy in one of his biggest matches ever. On 10/12 at CZW’s “Cerebral” he defeated Gacy in a “House of Horrors” match to end their feud decisively with a victory. If Tremont can stay active and continue to win, his
chances at his first #1 ranking are looking bright.

5. Papadon-It’s a return to the Indy Power Rankings for “The Greek God” as the
ECWA Heavyweight Champion went out to the West Coast and proved his medal. First, he went to Wrestling Cares on 10/12 and knocked off the (soon to
be) AWS Heavyweight Champion, B-Boy. He then went to AWS where he teamed with Ricky Mandel & Tyler Bateman (w/Golddigger) to defeat Ryan Taylor,
SoCal Crazy & Willie Mack. A very solid week, indeed, for the Champ.

6. Shanna-The WSU International J-Cup winner now has the distinction of being the highest ranked women’s wrestler EVER in the Indy Power Rankings. 5, YES 5, victories in one weekend for Shanna sealed the deal. First she won the 3 matches to win the International J-Cup (over Santana Garrett, Jewels Malone, & Nikki Storm). She then won another contest over Leah Von Dutch. She topped off the weekend with a victory at CZW over Christina Von Eerie & Nevaeh.

7. Alex Colon-Love him or hate him, Alex Colon has done what he has had to do keep the CZW Wired TV Title since winning it on 9/14  from AR Fox. This week he retained the title vs. Andrew Everett at CZW’s “Cerebral” to continue his  winning ways. Colon was ranked once before after his 2013 Best of the Best win. Can he keep up this success?

8. Josef Von Schmidt-Never heard of him? Well, it appears it’s time to look into it. He went to FSW on 10/12 and became this year’s Lord of the Ring there with  3 victories in one night. He defeated Grappling Greg, Buzz Bloodsaw, and  Michael Blade to win the single elimination tournament.

9. The Daywalkers (Matt Cage & Alex Castle)-You can call them “The  Daywalkers” or you can call them “The Kentucky Buffet” but you better call  them successful. While both wrestlers have singles aspirations or other tag teams that keep them busy, when they’re together they’re amazing. They would
probably be ranked higher had they had the opportunity to team at SLA last weekend, but they get in this week on the strength of their win at Galaxy Pro Wrestling on 10/13 vs. The Submission Squad.

10. Jessicka Havok-2 victories over the weekend gets the WSU Champion into the Indy Power Rankings for the very first time. Most impressive is the fact that she, once again, beat a man in Maxwell Chicago at FIP on 10/11. She then defended her title vs. Lexxus at WSU on 10/12 where she successfully retained
the gold. “The Havok Death Machine” is looking pretty unstoppable right now.

Major Names Ineligible this week due to inactivity:
Isys Ephex, reDRagon (as a team), Candice LeRae, Jay Briscoe,
Team CK, Eddie Kingston,

Just missing out/Others receiving votes:
Timothy Thatcher
Benjamin Kimera
Mark Shurman
Biff Busick
AR Fox
Brian Kendrick
Tony Nese
Davey Richards
Elijah Burke
Shane Strickland

Since January of 2013, we have been ranking the very best independent wrestlers on a weekly basis. The concept spawned from former writer, Jon Robinson, who ranked the best WWE wrestlers from 1 to 10 on every week. still does the NFL Power Rankings, while Jon Robinson is no longer there, but has given us the blessing to carry on with our project. In fact, he was one of our very first followers. Our goal is to not only to educate everyone on who some of the best independent wrestlers are in the bigger promotions, but to also expose some of the less heralded wrestlers in smaller promotions.
This is a KAYFABE list, meaning it is not centered around our opinion of who the best worker is on a weekly basis, but rather, more sports-oriented in the thought process of wins being the most important factor in getting ranked. Many various independent wrestling writers spend their time debating who the “best in the world” is while we simply seek to prove it via wins and losses.
In order to be ranked and to avoid personal biases, we have a group of voters from around the country who have 3 main criteria for voting (in a similar manner to’s NFL Power Rankings):
1. Win-loss record for the week & overall
2. Strength of opponents for the week
3. Overall public perception of the wrestler in question (i.e. Davey Richards has a stronger following than a regional independent wrestler who most people have never heard of)

Only wrestlers who did not wrestle for the WWE or TNA during the voting period are qualified. This means that OVW wrestlers who are contracted to TNA are eligible, providing that they did not wrestle for TNA during the voting period. NXT wrestlers are not eligible for this list. Any wrestler who does NOT wrestle during the week are not eligible for that week’s list. This is a list of wrestlers who primarily compete in the U.S. or they can qualify by going on an extended tour of the U.S. (i.e. if Jushin ‘Thunder Liger goes 3-0 on American soil).

With all that being said, please sit back and enjoy this week’s rankings and if you have any questions/comments, please feel free to tweet us @IndyPowerRankin, visit our Facebook page at, or email us at Thanks!

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