Indy Power Rankings for the Week of March 3rd, 2014

For the Week of March 3rd, 2014


1. Ricochet-“I will never underestimate him again.” The words of one voter
reflected thoughts of the many. Several people were sceptical about whether Ricochet could defeat Masato Yoshino for the Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Title on 3/2, but that’s exactly what he did. Not only that,he also won a 6 Man Tag Team Match at Dragon Gate on 3/1. With those 2 victories,Ricochet is a STAGGERING 12-0 on this tour of Dragon Gate in Japan. This is his 2 nd straight #1 ranking. Next up: A title defense vs. Uhaa Nation. #2 in the online poll.

2. Johnny Gargano- As if over 800 days as the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion wasn’t enough,the former 5 time #1 in the Indy Power Rankings picked up impressive tag team victories at SLA and DREAMWAVE to move on to the Misfortune Lethal Lottery Battle Royal. Gargano,a relative newcomer to the promotion,came out on top with a huge win. He now has any match he wants in his pocket. He’ll have his chance to prove he should be #1 in April when he defends vs. Ricochet. #6 in the online poll.

3. JT Dunn-The #2 from the last 2 weeks drops just one spot due to very heavy competition this week. His win vs. Ricky Reyes at XWA on 3/1 improved his 3 week record to 6-0. The NEFW U.S. Champion has been on fire lately. In the not too distant future,he’ll get to prove he has what it takes to be the clear cut #1 when he takes on Chris Hero for Beyond Wrestling. #7 in the online poll.

4. Chris Masters-Whether he’s called “Chris Masters” or by his real name,there isn’t much in a name, because he absolutely DOMINATED the weekend. Record-wise,his weekend was better than almost anyone has been able to accomplish this year. He won 4 big matches at Preston City UK to win the Road to Glory Tournament as he ran through Cyanide,Joey Hayes,Chris Hero,and Dave Mastiff. He then went to Southside Wrestling in the UK where he defeated T-Bone to finish off the weekend. #5 in the online poll.

5. Michael Elgin-The Unbreakable AIW Absolute Champion has been hovering around the middle of the Indy Power Rankings for the last several weeks and this week was no different. Not counting the Misfortune Lethal Lottery Battle Royal at DREAMWAVE,Elgin was 2-0 this weekend with tag team victories vs. Kung Fu Manchu at AAW along with Alex Castle & Arik Cannon at DREAMWAVE. It was another dominant weekend as he once again went “Elgin Mode” on the competition. #8 in the online poll.

6. Caleb Konley-The PWX and WrestleForce Champion has been incredibly dominant lately. After two more wins in Quincy,MA and Oregon,no one can claim that he’s just a regional champion anymore. Konley has become a top national star. The former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings continues to rack up rankings,but the question remains,when will Konley grab the #1 once again?Unranked in the online poll.

7. Marcus Anthony-The OVW Heavyweight Champion gets back into the rankings after 2 more wins this week,including a HUGE successful title defense vs. former #1 Jamin Olivencia on 3/1. With 4 wins over the last 2 weeks and countless wins over the last few months,this beast of a man continues to show why he’s such a feared champion. Unranked in the online poll.

8. James Anthony-The AIWF Cruiserweight Champion has been tearing it up in his promotion as of late. He has now won 4 straight after retaining the title vs. Erik Ellis once again over the weekend. What is surprising is his amount of fan support. For perhaps a smaller name that many people aren’t familiar with,the voters came out in bunches to support him. With over 100 votes,he is the People’s Champ this week as he edged out Ricochet for #1 in the online fan poll.

9. Melvin Maximus-The OVW TV Champion has been as impressive as anyone in the Top 10 lately. He racks up wins every single week and this week was no different. Much like the OVW Heavyweight Champion,he has now won 4 matches over the last 2 weeks after going 2-0 this week once again. Since the Indy Power Rankings began in January 2013,he’d have to be put right up there with Randy Royal and Rockstar Spud as GREAT TV Champions. Unranked in the online poll.

10. Aaron Williams-The Rockstar Pro Champion made be hated among the fans in Dayton,OH,but there’s definitely a lot of respect there for the man who knocked off former 2 time #1 in the Indy Power Rankings,Benjamin Kimera,to begin this epic journey as champ. This week he defeated Ganger to extend his singles winning streak. “The Baddest Man Alive” has a big week ahead with two chances to climb the IPR ladder at Rockstar Pro. #9 in the online poll.

1st Honorable Mention. Marcellus King-Winner of a big 16 Man Battle Royal at CWF Mid-Atlantic,making a successful return. #3 in the online poll.

2nd Honorable Mention. Chris Cooper-The ESW Heavyweight Champion defeated Gabreal Saint to defeat his title at “Reckoning Day” on 3/1. 4 th in the online poll.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Luke Hawx
Tommaso Ciampa
Roderick Strong
Flex Armstrong
Brandon Espinosa
Lionheart (GET WELL SOON!)
Chris Hero
Colin Delaney
Shane Hollister
Matt Cage
Jeremy Wyatt
Silas Young

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