In Pursuit of National Prominence, Badd Blood sets sites on The Dragon

Badd BloodNational Wrestling Alliance National Championship has been a symbol for excellence with a pedigree that’s connected to; Stevie Richards, ROH’s Pepper Parks, Chance Prophet, TNA’s Gunner, Kahagas, Damien Wayne, Vordell Walker and Jax Dane, to name a few.  Since the title was re-established in 1997, two out of the 24 champions have gone on to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.  Current champion Arrick Andrews won the championship by defeating Chase Owens at NWA SAW’s in Cookeville Tennessee on July 11th 2015 as part of an eight-man tournament.  In his short time as champion, Andrews has a title defense victory over former World Champion Rob Conway. And has made it clear that he’ll take on any challenger.

This weekend when most are taking their kids going “Trick-Or-Treating” or going to the clubs, the longest reining NWA Pacific Northwest Champion will have one thing on his mind… the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Sunday, November 1st, an extremely rare case of opportunity knocking twice works in the favor of Badd Blood as he makes his way to Indiana to challenge Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. It was just a few weeks back when Bad Blood challenged the National Wrestling Alliance North American Champion Tim Storm for his coveted title in a NWA Texoma ring. The “Ghetto Heisman” received a warm welcome from the Sherman crowd, he earned the respect of the Champion, Storm; however Blood’s intent was to leave with the title. And on October 16th, it was Tim Storm who was the better man. But in life, sometimes we learn more about ourselves in a loss than in a victory. In just a few days Badd Blood gets a second chance to gain a national prominence within the NWA. Badd Blood promises Andrews that he’ll earn his respect that night and if all goes according to plans, Badd Blood will leave NWA Circle City Wrestling a dual champion.

Circle City Wrestling presents Gold Rush, Sunday November 1st at the German Park: Turner Building at 8600 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. This show will be part of the NWA Power Hour TV Taping.

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