Iizuka attacks Makabe after 11/01/09 Show

Courtesy of www.puroresufan.com

The escalating war between Togi Makabe and Takashi Iizuka reached boiling point after today’s Korakuen Hall show. Makabe was about to leave Korakuen in President Sugabayashi’s car when Iizuka arrived with a baseball bat and put it through the window closest to Makabe! Iizuka then pulled Makabe out of the car (after dealing with Honma) and beat him to a bloody pulp. Only after some nearby female fans screamed was anyone alerted with AKIRA noticing what was happening, arriving to run Iizuka off. President Sugabayashi, in the driver’s seat, got some glass stuck in his eye and the terrorist attack of Iizuka forced Makabe, Honma, and the president to need medical assistance.

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