Idea: NWA Mixed Trios Division

While I’m not a fan of intergender wrestling, and probably never will be. Mixed tag matches do present a different dynamic, and overall feel. Jocephus announced that his team members will be female, in the match against Crimson’s team. I’m not excited about this, but it did get me thinking. What would set the NWA apart, in the world of tag team wrestling? Mixed tag team wrestling is special attraction in the Anglosphere. Teams have one man, and one woman. Man tags in, the woman tags out. You get the idea.

Trios is becoming popular in the United States because of promotions like ROH, and AAA’s Lucha Underground. So, why not take advantage of the rising popularity? Both of these things are fresh, in the eyes of the English speaking public. The only promotion that, I’m aware of that does have a mixed tag team championship is Lucha Libre AAA. So, this could get international interest as well.

How would it work? One man, and two women in each team. The standard mixed tag rules apply male wrestlers have to tag out, or get disqualified. The NWA could also apply the two out of three falls rule like CMLL does. Kingdom of Jocephus versus Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, and Santana Garrett. Think about it. If you support this idea, you should try to get Mr. Lagana to read this.



The Lucha Libre AAA mixed tag team championship

2 thoughts on “Idea: NWA Mixed Trios Division

  1. That is the one of the most stupid ideas I have read.. How can a fan of the NWA conceive this?.. Save that mudshow crap for the promotions that do dick flips & other abortions like that.. You want them to that because it is popular right now?.. Well racism is popular right now, So is eating Tidepods.. Just because it is popular does not mean it is right…

    1. Mixed wrestling is outlaw mudshow crap? That means AAA, and WWE are outlaw mudshows. That’s completely absurd. I’m not suggesting intergender, deathmatch, and comedy wrestling. Which is legitimately outlaw tier. You say my idea is stupid, but the NWA approved an intergender match for the NWA70 event. Something that, I’m sure we both agree is wrong. Comparing mixed tag team wrestling to that crap is stupid.

      How can a fan of the NWA conceive this?

      Maybe, it’s because I’m open to new things within reason. It could also be because, I watch several promotions. So, I’m not solely influenced by the traditional NWA style. Be respectful, and create a reasonable critique next time.

      I do not endorse intergender, comedy, and deathmatch wrestling. I do not endorse Joey Ryan’s B.S. Have an excellent day!

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