I vote for #PadresPA23 @ScrapDaddyAP – Info how you can vote Adam Pearce to become Padres PA Announcer

What started as a whim has turned into a very real opportunity and I need your PearceforPadresPAhelp to make it happen. Starting at 3pm pacific (6e/5c) TODAY and running through 5pm pacific on MONDAY, YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD.

Only your votes can put me into the FINAL 10. I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve given since this process started, and it is time to make them hear you loud and clear. It really is in YOUR hands. There are TWO ways to vote. 1. ON THE PADRES WEBSITE: Go to http://padres.com/announcer at 3pm or later and select #23 Adam Pearce. 2. ON TWITTER: Using the hashtag ‪#‎PadresPA23‬. Example: “I vote for #PadresPA23 @ScrapDaddyAP”. (NOTE: The #PadresPA23 hashtag is necessary for the vote.) It’s THAT simple. Vote for #23 and tweet using #PadresPA23. You aren’t limited and cannot be stopped. Vote as many times as the system allows you and tweet until you can’t do it no more. Then do it again. And again. If this happens, it happens because of YOU. And that’s pretty f—in’ cool. Let’s do it together.

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