Huge Rumor regarding New Japan’s future in the National Wrestling Alliance

The storied relationship between New Japan Pro Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance has been a long and complicated one.  Originally it was Japan Wrestling Association who represented the NWA in the Far East.  After the death of Rikidozan, the father of Puroresu, the NWA membership spent time between the promotions of Rikidozan’s two most famous students.  Giant Baba’s All Japan Pro Wrestling and Antonio Inoki’s New Japan.  But the NWA would be without a representation in Japan from 1985 to 1992.  New Japan would rejoin the NWA before allowing the membership to again lay dormant until Inoki allowed his status to be represented by Shinya Hashimoto’s Zero One, in 2001.  The reemergence of the NWA would be short lived in Z1 when New Japan would reaffirm its membership in 2004.  However confusion would continue in 2005 when the Inoki Genome Federation opened.  Both promotions were claiming ownership of the membership, which would eventually lead to New Japan solidifying the relationship with the NWA. 
That is until recently.  With a lot of talk going around New Japan’s decision to run co-promoted events with Jersey All Pro Wrestling, it seems more and more that the decision to remove New Japan from the NWA is inevitable.  Nothing official has been announced, but it appears that the lack of running NWA Branded Shows in Japan seems to be the biggest reason why the relationship will be dissolved.  Discussions are currently taking place to find new NWA representation in Japan.  And although it hasn’t been confirmed by the NWA Front Office, rumors have Zero One being the front runners to fill this position.  More news when it breaks.

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