How do you determine the rankings?

With regards for the ranking system of the Alliance, I’d like to clear up how the rankings for The Alliance work. First and foremost, these are not the official rankings for the NWA. These rankings have no official position within the National Wrestling Alliance. The Rankings on this page are strictly the beliefs of this board. The purpose for putting out these rankings are in hopes of inspiring the view of public opinion and promoters from the NWA and may help determine future bookings.

The Popular Vote:
3 People have a vote to determine the Popular Vote of Rankings. The Voters are:
Big Khris
Jay Cal

The North American Heavyweight Champion and the National Heavyweight Champion are always ranked Number 1 and Number 2 respectively. That is the Official Rank of the NWA so we follow that custom here at the Alliance. Then each voter ranks his choice of 8 wrestlers. Each wrestler earns a point for ranking. The wrestler who receives a Number 3 ranking receives 8 points and so on.

Live Events:
Wrestlers earn points for wins, title matches, and main events. However, unlike any other category, any wrestler losing a match is penalized with a losing point. Wrestlers earn no points for tag team matches, battle royals, or other “specialized” matches with the exception of triple threats where the winner only scores one point for a win, but each of the losing wrestlers are penalized a point as if they were in a regular wrestling match. The wrestlers who score the highest amount of points are ranked 3-10. Tie breakers are determined by the quantity of matches and further broken down from the quantity of title matches and if a tie still occurs are broken down further through quantity of main events.

The only programs that influence the voting as of posting are the NWA Showcase, NWA Anarchy Television, and NWA Word Wide Wrestling. Promos and Championship matches are worth 1 point. Pins and submissions are worth 3 points, victory by disqualification is worth 2 points, and any double disqualification or double count out will be worth 1 point. A match on World Wide Wrestling is worth 1 point, Anarchy is worth 2 points, and finally the Showcase is worth 3 points. The reason why the points escalate between shows is because Consistency of releases, the availability of the audience, and the level of competition.

Last Months Rankings:
And because we prefer to be myopic, we also count a wrestlers previous months rankings into the following month. Where they were ranked the previous month, is the same point they received this month. However, if any of the 3 main titles change hands, the losing wrestler will receive a point per his title. For example, if Pearce, DiBiase, or Parks losses the World, North Amercain or National Title, the following month rankings will reflect a previous month ranking of 13, 12, or 11 points respectively.

I hope this clears it up for you guys and if you have any questions or comments, please go ahead and leave them.

*Effective 05/09/08

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