His name was Rob Allison…

We’re heart-broken to report one of our own brothers has passed away. Rob Allison was a part of my NWA Family and we will honor and recognize him as the beautiful human being he was. Rest in Peace friend.

Life is fragile…

I couldn’t exactly tell you when Rob Allison and I became friends. But it felt like a very long time. Facebook shows our friendship started somewhere around 2014, but that can’t be accurate at all. Because Rob was an integral part of growing Alliance-Wrestling.com. I found out today that Rob Allison passed away Monday, June 22nd 2020. He was only 43 years old.

Rob and I were kindred spirits. His passion for pro wrestling was only exceeded by his love for his Boston Red Sox (of course he’d love the team I hated). But our tastes in wrestling were very similar.

I was first introduced to Rob via the original NWA messaging board. His handle was the NWAfaniac. But what really fostered my friendship with Rob was his working with NWA On Fire.

Wrestling On Fire early on was an affiliate of David Marquez. Originally operating at Liberty States Wrestling with Ricky O, they would later re-brand as NWA Pro EAST. Around 2008, NWA On Fire picked up when Ricky and Dave went their separate ways. David’s new partners would be with the Savoldi Family. Rob did whatever Mario asked. One night a camera operator, the next night he’d be the timekeeper. He designed logos, he worked on their website, Rob was even responsible for their YouTube and Blip.TV Channel. Before working with NWA On Fire, Rob was a big fan of New England Championship Wrestling and even helped out with their shows.

To say Rob was supportive of Alliance-Wrestling was an understatement. He would listen to the podcasts, share our posts, and was active on our message board. On October 18th. 2011, he registered www.talknwa.com (the name of our podcast from that era) as a gift, never asking for anything in return. A couple of months later when we determined that it would be a wise idea to change the name of the podcast (with new ownership arriving) he kept the site active and forwarded it to this site. He joined the team in 2016 and was an active poster until the end of 2019 posting as (posting as Wrestling Fanatic). Never feeling the need to post his opinion, just posting the news. Rob was fan of both the Ten Pounds of Gold Series and NWA POWERRR and would regularly post the shows to this website.

I’ll miss getting those messages from him when the Red Sox put a beating on the Angels. Or pictures of the lobster rolls he was so found of. I’ll miss hearing his affinity for the New England Patriots. I’ll miss how we talked about wrestling, but I’ll miss more the times we didn’t talk wrestling. Rob was definitely a part of my NWA Family and I am crushed hearing about his passing.

Rest in Peace Rob! Thank you for everything friend!

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