Help Us Restore the NWA Hall of Fame!

The National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame has inducted some of wrestling’s greatest personalities. The honored include legends of the sport like Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Sam Muchnick, Dory Funk Jr., Gordon Solie, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Buddy Rogers, Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo McDaniel, Rikidōzan, Ricky Steamboat, Bobo Brazil and Jim Ross. But since 2017, the NWA Hall of Fame has lain dormant – meaning no inductees have been honored in the Lightning One era. 

We know that the NWA of today stands for history, legacy and tradition. Mr. William Patrick Corgan and the management, staff and talent of the National Wrestling Alliance carry the torch of professional wrestling’s oldest organization, which was originally established in 1948. As the flagbearers of wrestling history, they have done an admirable job in keeping that tradition alive through the fabulous programs, pay-per-views and events over the last several years. We love this company, both for what it has meant to wrestling’s past and what it means to wrestling’s future… and we want to see its legends honored. 

It is with this supportive attitude that we, the fans, supporters and cheerleaders of the NWA, ask Mr. Corgan and the NWA restore the National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame! What would be a greater side attraction to the NWA 76th Anniversary Show in 2024 than honoring the greatest of yesteryear once more? The Alliance Wrestling family, established in 2005 and perhaps the most ardent group of NWA supporters today, is proud to lead this petition to cheer on our friends at the National Wrestling Alliance towards restoring the Hall… where history lives, and legends are born! 

Please sign our petition at, and share our friendly message everywhere. Here’s a video of the above if you’d prefer to share that!

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