Happy Birthday To Alliance-Wrestling.com

Just a bit of thanks to all of you that continue to voyage to this site.  3 Years ago today, while sitting in a dumpy office in Compton California I grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of information released regarding the National Wrestling Alliance.  Guys like Jeff Capo and Eric Roelfsema did their best to get the news out on the old NWA Wrestling Message Board.  But I wanted something more.  And although we’ve been through a few different versions before we got here, I am very proud of the work we do here.  Although this website was my creation, it really wouldn’t be much without the support of Eric Roelfsema, who reports on nearly all of the live events and scheduled events as well as maintaining the NWA Fanzine and  Tez Himself from Western Australia who has done some great interviews with NWA Talent for the Westside Pro Wrestling Newsletter.  I’d also like to thank Bob Trobich, David Marquez, Gabe Ramirez, Tim Dixon, Adam Pearce, Phil Shatter, Tommy Cairo, Tommy Taylor, Steve Madison, Chance Prophet, Rudy Russo, Ricky Reyes, Jaden, Ken Taylor, Lance Cade, Greg Price and Joey Machete for either appearing on Alliance Radio or making their talent available for the shows.  Thanks Again!

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