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Within seconds of Fight! Nation’s open, you can tell that there is some synergy across the United Wrestling Network even if it’s across the pond.  Hollywood’s Own Joey Ryan who plugs Fight! on FITE.  I wonder if they’ll play those in between other shows?  The Souls of Smashmouth (James Castle and Sammy Smooth) sing the praises of the Fight! Nation British Champion Chris Ridgeway.  They are quick to point out that Ridgeway has gone through PJ Black, WWE-UK Superstar Mark Andrews, and Doug Williams.  Ridgeway says he’s going to make the Matt Riddle regret coming to Fight! Nation.  The intro to Fight! Nation is pretty awesome featuring some of the biggest names in the UK Wrestling Scene.  “The Villain” Marty Scurll.  The hosts of the show are Ricky Satter and SoCal Val.  Val had been a representative for the FITE TV AP, but tonight she’s sharing broadcasting duties with Ricky.  Val announced that both the Z-Division (pronounced Zed Division) and the British Championship will be on the line tonight.

The show wastes little time getting to the action with a Z-Division Championship Match.  “Flash” Morgan Webster is announced first and he looks a little like John Lennon.  I think that’s what he’s going for.  Next out comes the champion, the “All Day Star” Ryan Smiles.  That title is certainly unique looking.  This match was way more competitive than I would have thought an opening match would be.  Living in Southern California, I’m not all that familiar with the UK Wrestling Scene, but these two looked really good.  The match really was back and forth, a nice solid victory for the “All Day Star.”  I definitely would like to see more of both of them in future episodes.  Ryan Smile wins the match and retains the title with a Frog Splash.

Backstage SoCal Val interviews “The Ultimate Bro” Matt Riddle.  Val reminds the viewers that Riddle could walk out the first ever American British Champion.  For those not in the know, Riddle is currently the World Wrestling Network Heavyweight Champion and the Progress Wrestling Atlas Champion (which is a UK based wrestling promotion.)  Riddle admits he wouldn’t mind adding a third belt to his trophy case.

Next up are the current CZW Team Champions CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos) although I believe the original taping predated CCK winning the championship.  The UK based duo won the titles back on May 25th defeating Scarlet and Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz).  Their opponents for tonight are Adam “Flex” Maxted and ECDrew (who tonight is doing a parody of Sabu.  CCK is very unorthodox.  A lot of fun team moves.  ECDrew and Flex seem like an odd pairing.  Flex looks like he was made for TV Wrestling.  Has a great look.  The referee had a hard time keeping this match contained.  The finish came when Flex used a Jackhammer on Lykos to get the 3 count.

SoCal Val talks to Mark Haskins about his return since his injury.  Haskins nonchalantly admits that his injury sucked, but when he returns to the ring, he’ll fight the world  to get his British Title back.  After the commercial brake Val talks to Smile about the Z-Division Title.  The “All Day Star” plans to make the Z-Division the most exciting division in British Wrestling.

Everybody’s favorite Bro, Matt Riddle comes to the ring wearing both his WWN World Title and his Atlas Championship.  For those who’ve never seen Riddle wrestle before, he started in MMA.  Riddle had 13 Professional MMA fights, with eight wins.  Ridgeway had defeated Mark Andrews back in February to win the British Title.  It’s nearly impossible to intimidate Riddle and it’s clear that Ridgeway will have his work cut out for him.  “Smashmouth” Chris Ridgeway would come out to the ring with James Castle and Sonny Smooth.  This match was very competitive.  Riddle had an answer for every move and counter move that Ridgeway had to offer.  This was Riddle’s match, until the Sons of Smashmouth interfered.  Ridgeway vs. Riddle was an absolute gem.  Hope to see them go at it again, without interference.  This was the first episode of Fight! on FITE.  Can’t wait to tune in next week.

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