G’Day Mate, we’ve got great news…

Good News Australian wrestling fans, more specifically our Perth wrestling fans. In what can only be considered a shrewd move, Explosive Pro Wrestling, better known to you and I as NWA Pro’s EPW or better yet, NWA Australia will now be broad-casted on Australian Air Waves. Dating back as far as 2001, the promotion that became EPW would become the premeire wrestling promotion in Perth. Most recently crowning the 1st Australian National Heavyweight Champion as recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance, since the late 1960s when the title was vacated. Truly Australian wrestling has been altered with the arrival of the NWA influence in EPW. And surely a sign of good things to come as EPW will be featured on Access 31. The official air date is set to debut on
January 14th, 2008. Never fear NWA Wrestling fans. Because there is talk of the show actually appearing via the Monday Night Wrestling website. The other win/win situation is that some matches that will be taped for the NWA Showcase will also air on the broadcast. And in the United States some matches from Australia will in fact air on the NWA Showcase. Essentially promoting the NWA Brand on 2 different continents at the same time. And giving Americans opportunity to see wrestlers like Shane Haste, Hartley Jackson, Bobby Marshall and the Australian Champion: Mikey Nicholls. And giving Australians the opportunity to see wrestlers like NWA National Champion(US): Pepper Parks, “El Exotico” Cassandro, the Young Bucks, Los Luchas, TJ Perkins, and Al Katrazz. And to become reintroduced to familar faces like Nicho el Millonario (Psicosis), and “Ironman” Rob Conway. Plus showcasing the world titles with NWA World Champion: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, NWA World Tag Champs: The Real American Heroes, and NWA Womens Champion: Amazing Kong. This is truly a remarkable day for the NWA and could further prove to re-establish the NWA’s truly International Spirit.

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