GCW’s final card for the Fred Ward Memorial ’08

NWA Great Championship Wrestling has quickly become one of the most talked about promotions in the Alliance. GCW manages to combine a wealth of talent from across the world. Sonny Siaki, Bull Buchanan, Johnny Swinger, Micah Taylor and a new breed of wrestlers like Cru Jones, Scotty Beach, J-Rod, and Shaun Banks. And this Sept. 4th, GCW promises to deliver on the biggest card of the year.

Cru Jones, GCW Heavyweight Champion will do battle against Bull Buchanan in a violent clash. Buchanan has patiently waited for his opportunity at the title. Little did Buchanan know that the champion would come after him. Jones and tag team partner Banks beat down Buchanan and used a rope to hang them. The match has been signed to give Bull that opportunity for redemption and a chance at glory, in a Bull Rope Match.

The fire that burns inside former NWA United Nations champion Micah Taylor is intense. Swinger has taken everything away from Taylor. His aspirations for a GCW Heavyweight title and more importantly the love of his life, his wife Tracy Taylor. Since June, Swinger has found ways to punish Taylor for his pursuit of the Heavyweight Title. In the ALL or NOTHING match-up, Micah will team up with Diane Hewes (50% Owner of GCW) against Johnny Swinger and his manager Quentin Michaels (also 50% owner of GCW.) If Micha and Diane are victorious he wins the freedom of Tracy and 100% ownership returns to Diane Hewes. If Swinger and Michaels are victorious, Tracy and Micha will become the property of Swinger and Quentin will become the sole voice of power in the GCW.

Also on the card will be a match up between the new GCW Tag Team Champions the Merchants of Death against John Bogie and Kareem Abdul Jamar, with the stipulation that the Fans pick the stipulation. J-Rod also puts his Interstate Championship on the line in a First Blood Match against former Tag Team Champion Shaun Banks. Scotty Beach will challenge “Mean” Mike Stratus and if he’s victorious he’ll get 5 Minutes of Revenge against his nemesis Princeton Gainey, who has been verbally attacking Beach for weeks.

Plus Sonny Siaki will be in attendance. And now that his opponent David Young has parted ways with GCW, what will Siaki’s role be at this event? Whom will feel his wrath?

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