FSW 04282018This show will feature talent in town for the CAC convention, along with Semi-Final Matches for the Nevada State Title Tournament. Plus the Champions will be in the house.

Future Stars of Wrestling
High Octane
Saturday March 24th – 4PM
6035 Harrison Drive, Suite 5
Las Vegas, NV.

Karl Fredericks vs Chris Bey

Graves vs Gorgeous Gary Galaxy

Owen Travers vs El Negro Nino

DWO Showcase Match

Stars from APW, Best Of The West and More.

Along with FSW Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone

Tag Team Champs 1 Percent (Royce Isaacs/Jorel Nelson) w MK

No Limits Champ Nick Bugatti

Also see: Greg Romero, Shaggy McLovin, Beast, Exceptional & Tenacious

The returns of the Wiseguy, Che Cabrera and Mike Rayne.

The debut of the Jungle Boy

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