From the Vault |Remembering Lance Cade

April 24th 2010, former @NWA Southwest Promoter Ken Taylor made former @WWE Tag Team Champion #Lance Cade available to our podcast. Cade spoke about how happy he was to be out of the WWE, how happy he was to be working for All Japan and being able to spend more time with his family. Less than four months after this interview, Cade passed away.

August 13th 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Lance Cade. Four months earlier, Ken Taylor of NWA Southwest, while promoting a huge card on May 1st 2010 in Whitesboro Texas, offered to let me interview the former two time NWA World Tag Team Champion. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Cade was eager to do the interview, we even spoke for a bit before the interview. He was a proud father. He was so happy to be out of the WWE. His new lease on life was going to be lived on his terms. I was so happy for him. His plans were to split his time in All Japan Pro Wrestling, while competing for Ken Taylor’s NWA Southwest. After his second match with the group, he headed off to Japan. On the 4th of July, he would wrestle his final match. A little more than a month later, Cade was found dead. This interview illuminates exactly how Cade felt about his final run with the WWE, how turned off he was to the product, and how happy he was with the new direction his life was going.

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