Former NWA World Champion debuts for Lucha Libre USA

Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and current Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. returns to Corpus Christi, Texas Thursday September 9th.  The 80th Heavyweight Champion of the World became the first Mexican to hold the championship and the first masked wrestler to ever hold the championship.  Demon’s 505 day reign as NWA World Champion came to an end when Adam Pearce defeated him and NWA National Phil Shatter in a triple threat match with in Charlotte earlier this year. Demon would go on to hold the NWA Southwest WOW Heavyweight Championship and is the current reigning Pro Wrestling Revolution Championship, a title he won from “El Patron” Oliver John in Mexico City during the Lucha Libre Expo.  Demon is also one of the stars of the “Viva La Lucha” PPV Series.
Thursday September 9th., Blue Demon will defend the honor and pride of Mexico and Lucha Libre when he takes on Arizona’s RJ Brewer.  Brewer, not unlike Oliver John, is not a fan of illegal immigrants.  Maybe taking it a step forward Brewer hates all things Lucha Libre.  His efforts in Lucha Libre USA are not unlike Oliver John’s antics in Pro Wrestling Revolution and the old NWA Showcase.


Joining the former Worlds Champion will be the NWA Worlds MINI Champion Octagoncito.  Octagoncito a member of the Lucha Libre USA Roster will also be competing at the big event in Corpus Christi.  Octagoncito was seen weekly on the Lucha Libre USA, Masked Warriors. 

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