Former NWA Promoter Mike Sircy has passed away.

Former NWA Promoter out of Lebanon Tennessee, Mike Sircy has passed away at age 60. Sircy was known for booking the NWA National Championship and NWA Woman’s Championship frequently in the area.

On February 20th Former NWA Licensee and Lebanon Tennessee wrestling promoter Mike Sircy has passed away at the age of 60.

Mike Sircy was the promoter of NWA Top Rope, a promotion based out of Lebanon Tennessee, who became an affiliate of the NWA through Mike Porter and NWA Main Event, who controlled the state, in 2006.

Sircy would remain with the National Wrestling Alliance until August 2012 when the NWA parent company Pro Wrestling Organization was sued by a collection of promoters fronted by Bruce Tharpe, Chris Ronquillo, among others. It should be noted that Tharpe had unsuccessfully attempted to remove former Executive Director Robert Trobich, before suing the brand. Sircy was named in the original suit but was removed from the case when he agreed to work with the plaintiffs.

Some of the highlights of NWA Top Rope included; hosting one of the first matches of the “Reclaiming the Gold Tournament” match of Sicodelico Jr. defeating “Roughneck” Ryan on June 30th, 2007, partnering with United States Wrestling Organization to create Cyberslam, a wrestling show made available on YouTube that centered around the collective talents of the USWO and NWA Top Rope, and featured BOD controlled championships regularly (NWA National Heavyweight Championship and NWA Woman’s Championship).

In some regards, Sircy helped to launch a lot of careers with people from the area like the Carnies (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful), Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews and cemented the legacy of Tasha Simone as one of the top NWA Women’s Champions.

NWA Top Rope closed it’s doors in 2013 when the health of Mike Sircy prevented him from promoting any further.

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