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The National Wrestling Alliance announced that they will be reintroducing the World Junior Heavyweight Championship at Hard Times. Unfortunately, the last man to hold the championship was not included on that list.

Okay, I see your mentions and I’m sure that they have too.

Listen, I could be upset by not being included in the tourney. I could be mad about no longer being listed as the current holder of the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.

But I’m not going to be. Time change. It’s a new era.

I’m grateful for my time as NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, and I’m excited for whoever walks away with the title to start a new era in the Championship’s history. Just know…

This championship was my Holy Grail. This was my life’s work. I was either going to be listed as the final holder; or the current Champion once it returned in the new generation. Now that neither has happened, and given the right opportunity, I would love to fight for what I was never beaten for.

Support these athletes as they fight for one of the most prestigious championships in our sport, guys. It’s a special one. I know first-hand.

Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown won the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship on On August 12th, 2017. He defeated Mr. USA at the Wrestleplex in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Brown’s run as champion was cut short as the ownership of the NWA changed hands during the course of his reign. The NWA chose to seal all titles at the moment of purchase of the NWA, with the exception of the Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Jazz who was the Woman’s Champion and Brown who held the Jr. Heavyweight Championship, were the only two that were not stripped of their titles. Jazz would later be able to defend her championship once the NWA unfroze the title. Many had hoped for the same for Brown.

The former champion did compete for the NWA for the last time in 2017. In a stellar match with Laredo Kid, Brown looked great at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show. In early 2020, Brown become a regular for New Japan Strong. Currently, he has joined Bateman and Misterioso as the Stray Dog Army. Brown’s highlight as Junior Heavyweight Champion was defending against Chavo Guerrero Jr.Chavo’s father and uncle had been synonymous with the legacy of the Junior Heavyweight Championship in the late 70s in Los Angeles.

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