Sitting in the lockeroom taking count of the injuries suffered from yet another sneak attack from his former best friend Ryan Mitchell, NWA-East Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor quietly seethes over the cowardly behavior Mitchell has lowered himself to since the chairshot heard around the NWA-East in February of this year. Taylor looks up at reporter Mike Charles and says six words that sums it all up ” Burgh Brawl Fifteen, revenge is mine!”
At the first live event the NWA-East held in Febraury, the NWA-East was turned upside down as the most respected man in NWA-East history turned his back on the fans and the promotion itself. That man is NWA-East Championship Committee member Shawn Patrick. Patrick quickly recruited the current NWA North American Tag-Team Champions Team Mega, but also promised more talent to join his cause in remolding the NWA as a whole in the image that he feels it should be. Patrick did not disapppoint as, by the end of the evening, the NWA-East crowd was beyond stunned when they witnessed Ryan Mitchell, perhaps the most beloved wrestler in the NWA-East at that time, take a steel chair to the head of his best friend and NWA-East Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor. Fans sat in their seats with their mouths literally dropped open, some jeered in anger, while others even cried. Mitchell stood over the unconscious body of his now-former best friend and just smiled.
The March 11th event saw Ryan Mitchell blame everyone from the NWA-East fans to Chris Taylor to NWA-East management for holding him back in his career and for him not holding the title belt that Chris Taylor had. Mitchell felt that was his title that Taylor had and he would not allow that to happen anymore. Mitchell said that he should be entertaining millions of people and instead was stuck wrestling in front of a tiny fraction of that, toiling away in the NWA-East because of the fans, Taylor, and the management.
Later that same night Chris Taylor would gain a measure of revenge, much to the fans delight, as he hit the ring during Ryan Mitchell’s match against former NWA National and NWA North American Tag-Team Champion Crusher Hansen. Taylor took Mitchell out with three consecutive Taylor Cutters stating that one was for the fans, one was for Mitchell being a lowlife, and the final one was for him personally.
That would be the last time Taylor would encounter Mitchell face to face as Mitchell would spend the remainder of the next two live events attacking Taylor from behind. Each time Mitchell would deliver extreme physical punishment to the NWA-East Heavyweight Champion, hoping to wear the champion down for the inevitable title match the two men were heading for.
The time has now come for that match and it will take place on Friday, April 29th with a belltime of 7:30pm at the Jacob Woll Pavillion(4112 Sycamore Drive, McKeesport, PA 15132). This war will be the first time these two will meet each other with the NWA-East Heavyweight Title on the line. It will also be the first time these two will face each other as bitter enemies.
Chris Taylor is the longest reigning champion in the history of the NWA-East with a 14 month title reign in 2006/2007. He currently has held the title for 7 months this time around, combining for a record 21 months reigned as the NWA-East Heavyweight Champion. Taylor has taken on all comers and never backed down an inch, but this will be his toughest test beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Ryan Mitchell has been the #1 contender to the Heavyweight Title for all of 2011 and has reigned as the Three Rivers Champion as well as having wrestled for the Heavyweight Title on several occasions without success. However, this time around, Mitchell has proven that he will break any rule he needs to in order to gain the win and he has the backing of NWA-East Championship Committee member Shawn Patrick, Team Mega, former NWA North American and NWA North American Tag-Team Champion Paul Atlas, and Devin Devine thus giving him a huge numbers advantage.
What will happen when two of the companies best square off in a war that has been months in the making for the biggest prize in the NWA-East? We will certainly find out on Friday, April 29th who will walk out the champion!!!
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