Tickets have been purchased, flights are being scheduled, and The Alliance Guys will be in St Louis for the NWA 75th Anniversary Show. Will you?

On tonight’s episode of The Alliance Guys Podcast, we will discuss how the next NWA PPV Offering is shaping up. Yesterday tickets went on sale for the 75th Anniversary and tickets are moving. This coming off the backs of the sell-out in Boca Raton. Can the NWA be on an upswing?

We’ll also discuss the results of POWERRR. And how the matches from POWERRR are directly leading up to the Pay Per View.

Matt Cardona is back! Matt Cardona is everywhere! Are you excited that the Indy God is back in the NWA? Or does it make you go eww eww eww?

You won’t want to miss this one. Join us! We go live at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. We hope you’ll join us in the chat.

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The Alliance Guys Podcast has entered its 15th year, spotlighting the talents affiliated with the NWA and the United Wrestling Network. Breaking down the news and information for the NWA and the UWN; Jay Cal DKM, Jaden, and former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas

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