Five Things the NWA Sould Consider Doing in the Future

A guest Column by Zachary Mulcahy

1. A Wrestling Triumvirate
The National Wrestling Alliance has a long history with CMLL, AND NJPW. CMLL was once apart of the NWA, and they still use a few of the old titles. NJPW is another former member of the NWA, that has maintained ties with the NWA despite it’s exit from the alliance. Going forward, I believe it’s important to have a business partnership with both promotions. NJPW, and CMLL already enjoy a wonderful relationship. Why not benefit from it, by joining up with them? Wider pool of talent, more eyes on the product, and so on. Restoring the true wrestling order can’t be done alone.

2. Developmental territory
Recruiting rising talent is good, and but creating your own is much better. A fully revived territory system isn’t likely in the current era of professional wrestling, but a small scale reboot is possible. Chicago, Memphis, and Philadelphia are great candidates for developmental territories. Memphis has a rich history, and I’m certain that an NWA developmental territory would draw crowds there. Chicago is NWA President William Patrick Corgan’s home, and Philadelphia fans are a lively bunch. Three developmental territories with access to the NWA champions, Corgan’s music industry connections, and a strong fanbase. With time it’d recreate what was lost.

3. A weekly show on YouTube
YouTube is an excellent place for airing pro wrestling these days. If you don’t believe, I’d invite you to look at the numbers done by various promotions. Search MLW, CMLL, and Lucha Libre AAA. Also with the reach that the NWA President has from being a Rockstar, I am sure that the NWA can do even better.

4. Dusty Rhodes Annual War Games
In honor of the late Dusty, and his contributions to the industry. The National Wrestling Alliance should do war games to decide, who challenges the NWA Champion.

5. Then, and now round table discussion
This series would discuss the history of the NWA, and the current path that it’s going down. This monthly program would be hosted by the NWA President or someone of his choosing. Ten pounds of podcast host Adam Rotella, Perhaps? The host would talk to current champions, and legends from it’s past.

About the Author
┬áZachary Mulcahy’s first interactions with professional wrestling were with WCW, and the independent promotion his family members worked for. Watching stars like Sting lead to a lifelong fascination with the world of professional wrestling. Along with being passionate about wrestling, he is pursuing his dream of writing fiction as well.

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