Final Words for Pearce

To everything, there is a season. And as it goes, the seasons change.

As I pen this, I am only hours removed form the biggest moment in my wrestling career; a moment that surely has not hit me yet. Colt Cabana defeated me in #7LevelsOfHate, ending a war of more than two years, but also ending an era. My season changed.

As I lay there mid-ring, bleeding profusely and soon to tap out to Cabana’s ‘Billy Goat’s Curse’, I had a clear and lucid moment wherein I knew unequivocally that I was also about to give up something more, something much bigger than I.

On five occasions I have been blessed and honored to have worn the ‘ten pounds of gold’. It is without question my greatest wrestling achievement and the undisputed highlight of my career. But as I plainly told the wrestling world at the outset of #7Levels, if I couldn’t beat Colt Cabana in the series, I would walk away.

The fact is that I lost. And now I must walk away.

Thank you to the National Wrestling Alliance for believing in me. The faith showed by the previous leadership and membership will never be lost on me, nor will the respect that has been shown me by the new leadership. I sincerely thank all of you with the same passion and pride that I tried to pour into every single performance along the way, and I humbly wish you nothing but the very best as we all move forward.

The simple truth is that I may never step foot into an NWA ring again. Should that come to pass, please know that the times that I did are among the happiest of my entire life.

I can only hope that the next man to wear my “sweet Charlotte” will feel exactly the same.

With respect and love for professional wrestling and the NWA,
Adam Pearce

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