Fighting With The Family | NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 46 (2019)

Since October 5th 2017 the National Wrestling Alliance has chronicled the title defenses and the path that its Worlds Champions have taken to get to these title matches in the web series Ten Pounds of Gold. From Tim Storm to Nick Aldis, Aldis to Cody, and back to Aldis the documentary stylized video have revolutionized the way the professional wrestling story is told.

Fighting With the Family is the first Ten Pounds of Gold directed by someone other than David Lagana, the NWA Vice President. It was directed by Matt Newton Walters, aka Ashe a mainstay for World Association of Wrestling. Walters in the past has faced Nick Aldis and also once teamed with him as Team Summit.

In this episode the story is told of the first family of British Wrestling, the Knights. It was with the Knights that Nick Aldis got his start in professional wrestling. And although “Fighting with My Family” (the story of WWE’s Paige) is set to hit theaters in 2019, Ricky Knight Jr. was made to be the star.

Ricky Knight Jr. may be the next big thing in British Wrestling and he showcased a lot of heart against Nick Aldis, who’s already agreed to a rematch down the road.

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