Fight! Nation purchases IPW:UK

Fight Nation buys IPW UK

Fight! Nation Wrestling are proud to announce the purchase of International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom (IPW:UK), including all assets associated with the iconic British wrestling brand.

With the sale, IPW:UK will continue to operate all existing venues, and look to expand their reach in the UK and overseas.

Fight! Nation Wrestling owner Billy Wood :“It’s an absolute honour to be announcing this deal today. IPW:UK for over a decade has been one of the UK’s leading wrestling promotions and we believe marrying the practices of Fight! Nation and IPW:UK will only lead to a stronger overall product as we take IPW:UK forward throughout the rest of 2017 and into 2018. The IPW:UK name doesn’t die with this purchase, if anything IPW:UK will be the focus of the Fight! Nation family as we look to the history of IPW:UK and the possibilities it has for the future. Our aim for IPW:UK is to take the foundations this company has been built on and continue to grow what we believe can be a real player in the independent wrestling market worldwide. IPW:UK On Demand will continue to be a driving force for us as we will look to create exciting new content for our fans, plus it will also benefit from adding the full Fight! Nation library and the Triple X Wrestling library over the coming months. Over the coming months we will be watching closely and listening to what you guys want, and at the 13th anniversary show ‘Supershow 11’ we will be making a big announcement that we believe will shape the future of IPW:UK.

Whilst we are assessing the transition to IPW:UK, all Fight! Nation & ONE shows scheduled currently will be going ahead as planned however for transparency the aim and goal is that we all operate under one name – and that will be IPW:UK. Fight! Nation fans have nothing to fear as everything that makes Fight! Nation great will ultimately only help IPW:UK and vice versa, delivering each one of you a bigger and better product. FIGHT! On FITE will continue to be on FITE TV, IPW:UK will continue to be on FloSlam, and we will continue to deliver for the live crowd like we always do!

IPW:UK events will continue and I look forward to being in the crowd with you all at Supershow 10 later this month. Lastly a huge thank you to Dan Edler – without Dan there would be no IPW:UK. His dedication to this wrestling promotion is second to none, we thank him for his continued passion and as we grow the training school he will continue to be part of that journey.”

Former IPW:UK owner Daniel Edler “I’m thrilled that the future of IPW:UK is bright under new ownership. I’ve had a fantastic 13 years, and now look forward to being able to watch where Billy and the team take IPW from the comfort off the seats in the crowd.”

IPW:UK will now be operated by Fight! Nation Wrestling, whilst Daniel Edler will stay on as promoter for a transitional period which expires end of September where he will take a full-time role running the IPW:UK Training Academies.

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