Erickson vs. Wayne September 22nd

Two men claiming they deserve to hold the Legendary 10lbs of Gold.  Two men with victories over the current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce.  In one corner the man who put NWA Mountain State on his back, representing the good people of Canada, Lance Erikson.  “The Canadian Lion” has become the force to reckon with in NWA Mountain State even defending his title as far north as New Jersey.  For his efforts The NWA Mountain State Champion has reached #7 on the talkNWA Rankings.  Perhaps Erikson noticed the spotlight being showcased on Damien Wayne.

As NWA DAWG Champion Damien Wayne has traveled all across the Mid-Atlantic picking up wins in many states.  Defending his championship 33 times in a one year span, Wayne is currently ranked in #3.

Both men will have their respective shots at the Worlds Champion.  October the 5th, in Marmet, West Virginia Wayne will have his shot at Pearce.  The very next day in Beckley, West Virginia Erickson will have his shot.  However Next Weekend in Nashville North Carolina at NWA EDGE, both Wayne and Erikson go head to head.  The feud between these two men has spilled over the confines of West Virginia in the North Carolina.  These two men have battled numerous times, but this will be their first match in the Carolinas and the titles will be on the line.


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