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Please joins us at 7 PM Pacific and 10 PM Eastern as we chat with Mikey O’Shea

Mikey O’Shea as been a part of the Southern California Wrestling scene since 2009 when he first appeared for Battle Ground Pro Wrestling. Since then he has been not only a mainstay in Southern California but was an integeral part of West Coast Wrestling Connection in Oregon, spent some significant time in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and is currently looking to expand his horizons in professional wrestling.

On this episode of The Sessions With Jay Cal we will talk to Mikey O’Shea about his breakthrough on Social Media and how it has impacted his in ring career. Where DID he get those wonderful catch phrases? We’ll talk about his time working at WCWC and PPW in Las Vegas. We’ll ask him about the rigors of maintaining a 12 year career in an industry that isn’t built to last. And we’ll discuss what his future plans are.

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Follow Mikey O’Shea on Social Media:


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The Sessions With Jay Cal started in 2020 as part of the Alliance Blog Podcasts. In each episode, Jay speaks with a guest in a relaxed format to go beyond the sport of pro wrestling. Jay Cal has hosted the Alliance Guys Podcast for 15 years and is a pioneer in professional wrestling talk.

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