Eddie Kingston is All Elite

Alliance-Wrestling celebrates AEW’s signing of Eddie Kingston. Although Kingston’s impact in the National Wrestling Alliance was brief, we’re all excited to see what’s next for the Mad King

It what shouldn’t be considered a surprise to anyone, Eddie Kingston has signed with All Elite Wrestling, coming off the heels of a surprise debut on AEW programming and a very well received match against current AEW TNT Champion, (former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion) Cody.

Shortly after his debut, fans took to twitter to acknowledge Kingston’s efforts on AEW with the hashtag, Sign Eddie Kingston. It would be inevitable. Kingston was working without a contract with the NWA and after the company’s hiatus (a response to the global pandemic), AEW presented itself an opportunity.

Weeks earlier, Kingston’s promo after his match with Brett Ison at ICW No Holds Barred Volume 3, Deathmatch Drive-In in New Jersey, Kingston called out Zack Sabre Jr. (of NJPW), Cody, and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Many thought that a match up between Kingston and Aldis could kick off the restart for the National Wrestling Alliance when it returns to normal activities.

Officially, Kingston is the 3rd person to sign elsewhere since the company has gone on hiatus, with Ricky Starks and Tasha Steelz signing with AEW and Impact respectively. CW Anderson left the company when he retired from pro-wrestling. Lastly there are rumors about Zicky Dice’s contract status that is currently in question as he had reportedly been released from his contract, but still states he’s the NWA TV Champion on his twitter account.

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