ECCW Pro Wrestling at Bridgeview Hall, Surrey BC.


The shockwaves of Chill Town’s destruction will be felt once more this Friday night, as Scotty Mac puts the NWA Canadian heavyweight title up for grabs against his former comrade, Sid Sylum! Azeem The Dream defends the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight title against Ray Brooks! It’ll be Friend and Foe, as Cremator & El Phantasmo form an unlikely team against Artemis Spencer and Kenny Lush, with the winners meeting to determine who will challenge for the NWA/ECCW Championship at Halloween Hell! Three title matches headline this great event this Friday night in Surrey! Read on for’s official preview of all the action at the Bridgeview Hall!

Scotty Mac (Champion) vs. Sid Sylum (Challenger)

The animosity between Sid Sylum and Scotty Mac began even before the destruction of Chill Town a few months ago. Sylum had become increasingly jealous of Scotty’s leadership of Chill Town, and what he saw as slights along the way to an amazing reign as NWA Canadian heavyweight champion. The tension seemed to boil over after the ejection of Sylum’s former main squeeze, Nicole Matthews, from Chill Town, which was accomplished by Sylum and The Natural over Scotty’s own reluctance and protests. When Sylum defeated Kenny Lush in a brutal chain match, Scotty’s congratulations of Sylum was met with a slap across the face. Even worse, Scotty found himself suddenly defending the NWA Canadian heavyweight title against Sylum, Lush and El Phantasmo in TLC 4-WAY, when The Natural, speaking as a representative of Chill Town, made a deal with NWA Pacific Northwest representative Mike Sweetser to remove the ban on Sylum’s Tombstone piledriver in exchange for the title being on the line. Scotty was able to survive TLC 4-WAY with his title reign intact.. but not with Chill Town intact, as angered over Scotty’s sportsmanship toward Lush and Phantasmo, Sylum and Natural attacked their former leader, with Sylum Tombstoning Scotty onto a steel chair, a move that has ended careers in the past!

However, Sylum did not get the job done. Scotty Mac is still around, and despite the best efforts of Sylum’s stablemates Kyle O’Reilly and Azeem The Dream, Scotty still reigns supreme as NWA Canadian heavyweight champion. This Friday night, Sylum will have his chance to finish the job he started at TLC 4-WAY, and end Scotty’s year-plus reign as champion in the process. Will Sylum have the last laugh? What does he have planned for Scotty Mac?

Azeem The Dream (Champion) vs. “Southern Comfort” Ray Brooks (Challenger)

Almost lost in the breakup of Chill Town was Azeem The Dream ascending to the top of the junior heavyweight division, as at TLC 4-WAY, he emerged victorious in a gauntlet match to become the new NWA Canadian junior heavyweight champion! Since then, Azeem has proven his worth as champion, even defeating Scotty Mac by countout one month ago! This Friday in Surrey, Azeem puts the gold on the line against Ray Brooks, who has been wowing ECCW fans in tag team action with MANTHER as of late, and won a Four Way Frenzy just last Saturday night in Vancouver! Can the former ECCW Extreme Jobber champion emerge from Surrey with his first major singles championship?

El Phantasmo & Cremator vs. Kenny Lush & Artemis Spencer

It’s no secret that Cremator wants to end El Phantasmo’s career – from throwing Phantasmo off the balcony of the Russian Community Centre to the wild brawl they had last month in Surrey. The feeling is definitely mutual at this point with Phantasmo. Cremator and Phantasmo will have the chance to tear into each other once again.. but before they get it on, they’ll have to get along! The two will be competing the first ever “Friend And Foe” match in ECCW history this Friday in Surrey, and will be *teaming* against two men that also have no love lost for each other, Kenny Lush and Artemis Spencer. Lush and Spencer have never gotten along, especially since Lush is currently teaming with one of Spencer’s chief rivals, “Brilliant” Billy Suede, and especially considering Spencer’s brutal treatment of Lush’s girlfriend, Nicole Matthews, at the 2009 Pacific Cup! But again, they will have to get along in order to win the tag team match against Phantasmo and Cremator! The winning team will face each other one on one later in the night, with the winner of that match receiving a shot at the NWA/ECCW Championship on October 30th at Halloween Hell! Can Phantasmo and Cremator, and Spencer and Lush get along long enough to earn a chance at the richest prize in ECCW, or will their hatred for each other get the better of them?

Moondog Manson (Champion) vs. BJ Laredo (Challenger)

Moondog Manson has long been established as the king of the hardcore in ECCW, with an amazing nine reigns as ECCW Hardcore champion serving as his throne. But his monarchy has been challenged more than ever in recent months, with both Volt Vegas and Scott Steel chasing the championship. This Friday in Surrey, Manson will put the belt on the line against another up-and-coming star in ECCW, the burly BJ Laredo! The Island native insists that he has the answer for one of the biggest questions in ECCW – how to defeat Moondog Manson at his own game, and take the ECCW Hardcore championship!

The Divine Prophet vs. MANTHER

The Pink Panther was a lost soul in ECCW before he came under the spell of the Divine Prophet. Prophet originally talked up his protege, stating that he was not a cat, he was a man.. he was a MANTHER! From there, MANTHER’s confidence soared and he became one of the most popular stars in ECCW.. and the Prophet didn’t like it. Prophet shunned MANTHER in favor of his other disciples in the Church of the Divine Prophecy, men like Mike Dempsey, Matt Classic and Artemis Spencer. But for every slight by the Prophet, MANTHER remembered, and MANTHER waited.. and finally, MANTHER pounced, attacking the Divine Prophet and excommunicating himself from the Prophecy! The Divine Prophet has vowed vengeance against the blasphemer, and this Friday night, the two will finally meet one on one! Will the Prophet’s light envelop MANTHER once again, or will MANTHER scratch out a victory against the would-be savior of ECCW?

Jamie Diaz vs. Gurv Sihra

When you ask Jamie Diaz who will win between himself and Gurv Sihra this Friday night, he’ll laugh in your face. “Who’s still in the tag team title tournament – Egos & Icons, that’s who!” And while it’s true that Egos & Icons have advanced in the NWA/ECCW tag team championship tournament, while the Sihra Brothers were eliminated in the first round, this is not a tournament match.. this is one on one, and Gurv wants to take out his frustrations over the tournament on Jamie Diaz! It will be one on one, the Sihra vs. the Ego this Friday night in Surrey!

All of this will be coming at you from the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey this Friday night, September 25th! Tickets are still available here on! Don’t you dare miss all the exciting action brought to you by Canada’s number one wrestling promotion, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling!

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