EC3 versus Thom Latimer set to Headline Samhain | NWA News

Thom Latimer finally gets his shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, by facing off against one of his fiercest foes, EC3.

The story of Samhain cannot be told without looking back into the history of Thom Latimer and EC3. Although Latimer will be stepping into the ring with the man who carries the Ten Pounds of Gold, this isn’t the first time Latimer and Carter have squared off.

Only weeks removed from EC3 dethroning Tyrus and becoming the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, “The OVERMAN” has been treated as nothing short of a conquering hero. In that short amount of time, the NWA has self-proclaimed this a new era for the company, and with EC3 as champion, the Worlds Heavyweight Title is now appearing in a greater capacity in the world of wrestling. EC3 has rechristened his Faction in Ohio Valley as the OVERMEN and in doing so, brought the Ten Pounds of Gold to OVW for the first time. Carter has also agreed to multiple title defenses leading up to Samhain, including match-ups against Lord Crewe and Pat Buck. Combine this will upcoming appearances for Exodus Pro and the Overman will have had more title defense in one month as Worlds Heavyweight Champion as Tyrus did, in eight.

To his credit, Thom Latimer continues to be one of the unsung heroes of the NWA. Less we forget that Thom Latimer earned the right to challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold by defending the World Television Title seven times, thus earning the Lucky 7 Privilege. And although Latimer could have interrupted the post-match celebration of EC3 and the retirement announcement from Tyrus at NWA 75, he could have. Instead, after Latimer defeated the likes of Rhett Titus, Jay Bradley, Fodder, Mario Pardua, Noah Kekoa, and Chris Adonis and going to a no contest with EC3 pushed Latimer to the Worlds Heavyweight Championship contender.

Since his arrival into the National Wrestling Alliance, he has targeted Thom Latimer as someone who could become greater. at last year’s Anniversary Pay Per View, the two went to a no-contest. EC3 got the victory at Hard Times 3, but only by disqualification. When they met at the Champions Series first round, both men were disqualified. And when Thom defended his title against EC3, the match ended in a time-limit draw. When Thom challenged for EC3’s National Championship, Thom came up short. This will be a match up that you are not going to want to miss.

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