EC3 relinquished NWA National Title, Match vs. Tyrus for NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship set for NWA 75?

At the latest episode of NWA Powerrr EC3 defended his NWA National Championship against Thrillbilly Silas Mason w/ Pollo Del Mar. To the shock of the Chigago crowd he dropped the Championship right in the middle of the ring and left it behind.

NWA Commentator Joe Galli explained that EC3’s action means he’ll challenge for Tyrus’ NWA World Heavyweight Championship by relinquishing his NWA National Title. The match could be set for NWA 75th Anniversary Event – which will take place at The Chase in St. Louis on August 26 & 27.

EC3 defeated Cyon at NWA 312 in Chigago, IL and retained the NWA National Championship successfully 5-times. He defended the title against the likes of Thom Latimer & Silas Mason.

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