Double Platinum New United Tag Champions

The bet paid off for Jamie Iovine.  Sacrificing Royce Grande’s return match for the Hollywood Heritage Championship to get his tag team, Double Platinum, a shot at the RockNES Monsters and their United Wrestling Network TV Championship titles. 

The RockNES Monsters won the titles by defeating Double Platinum for the vacant titles, when Reno Scum were unable to defend the titles. 

The match wasn’t without controversy. Heather Monroe was able to strike a distracted BHK with a foreign object to give DP an opportunity to score the pin fall. For Chris Bey and Suede Thompson, this is the duo’s first taste of championship gold in Hollywood.  The summer of 2018 the pair had a best of severn series that spilled over to CWFAZ before the two began teaming. 

For Iovine’s stable they are now, the most celebrated stable in the history of the United Wrestling Network.

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