DO YOU KNOW WHEN? NWA Ten Pounds of Gold – Episode Nine

Before Tim Storm walks into CZW’s Cage of Death event, he had to return to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood to face Jocephus. Inside this NWA Ten Pounds Of Gold, we follow the travels of Tim Storm and Jocephus.

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion was accused by Jocephus that he used a foreign substance in an attempt to blind him. As new challengers come forward for a shot at the Ten Pounds Of Fold. Wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer, Joey Janela, Joe Hendry, Ethan Page, David Star and more stars of Combat Zone Wrestling.

But before Tim can face any other challenges, he has to deal with Jocephus at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

You’ll meet Tim Storm’s daughter Jessica who shares what its like to have a pro wrestling father and what it means for her child having a pro wrestling grandfather.

Jocephus trip to Hollywood will see him accuse Billy Corgan of sending his shapeshifters after him and a moment of zen reflection in front of a particular star on the Hollwood Walk Of Fame.

The question at the end of this episode is the condition of Tim Storm as he walks into Combat Zone Wrestling this weekend. And who will step forward to make history with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

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