Derby City Wrestling Ep. 4 Results + Video | UWN News

Derby City Wrestling | Episode 4 | April 30, 2023 | Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center

1. Match
Jayden Dominic Rose defeated Ted “The Trailer” McNailer
• Adriel Noctis attacked Jayden Dominic Rose after the Match
• Damian Chambers made the save for Jayden Dominic Rose

2. Match
Brian Myers defeated Peter Avalon in only few minutes
• Peter Avalon demanded David Marquez and a rematch! He pays his own money for this match!

3. Match
$10.000 Match
Brian Myers defeated Peter Avalon
• Avalon gives Myers a check after the Match

Sean Phillips interviewed Marti Belle. She had some words for the people who said that her win over Billie Starkz was a upset. She wants the UWN Women’s Championship!

UWN Featured Match this week is Johnnie Robbie vs. J-Rod.

Main Event
UWN World Championship
Danny Limelight (c) defeated Rocco Bellagio

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