Debate Night: Is Al Snow Right?

Al Snow was recently interviewed for shoot interview series about his feelings on Billy Corgan’s aquisition of the NWA. Al Snow had quite a bit to say. To hear the entire interview please visit

“This is something I never understood about the NWA. They would put the title on, not disparaging anyone… They’d put it on Tim Storm. They put it on Adam Pearce. If I’m the general fan, I don’t know who those guys are. If I see the NWA World Champion on a poster and I see so and so…I’m not compelled to buy a ticket. If I see NWA World Heavyweight Champion Billy Gunn, I know who Billy Gunn is. I’m more compelled to buy a ticket. Because that name has brand awareness to it.”

Tonight 11PM Eastern Time: DKM, Jaden, and Jay Cal debate the merrit of what Al Snow is saying. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Where do you stand? Call in and weigh in on this discussion. (657) 383-1543

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