CWFM Grind City Rumble 2022 Part 2 Preview | Memphis News

This Saturday Championship Wrestling From Memphis presents Grind City Rumble 2022 – Part 2!

The Hotstoppers are back in action since losing the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships a few weeks ago. They are looking to get another shot at the Tag Team Titles – by scoring a win over the first-ever Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Skimahorns!

Action Jackson returns to Memphis Wrestling this week since facing K-Toomer weeks ago. He needs to get some momentum and to do so he’ll face Carlos Alexander Rios this week on CWFM!

After the attack of The Posse on Aaron Roberts on Christmas Day the Yung Goats have been out of action. This week one half of the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions returns. Zay Washington returns to the WrestleCenter to address the situation!

Kross promised that his boys will have victories all over the 3-week Grind City Rumble blockbuster. So far Martin lost his match to “Big Swole” Justin Cole. Will Jay Smooth be victorious? He’ll face Rashed Lee this week on Memphis!

Mike Anthony became the No. 1 contender when he defeated “Big Swole” Justin Cole months ago. His one-on-one title match turned into a 3-Way. Then The GunShow pinned then-champion Alan Steel in a Tag Team Match. Brett Michaels won the title in that 3-Way and let the Genetic Nightmare furious. Mike Anthony challenged Brett Michaels twice – one at the Fall Brawl Live Event, one on Episode 42. This No Rules Match will end their rivalry for good! The final showdown for the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title!
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