CWFM Episode 50 Preview

Championship Wrestling From Memphis hits a huge milestone this Saturday with Episode 50!

It will finally end! K Toomer vs. Austin Lane, Unsanctioned Match! The rivalry started on Episode 26 when Toomer attacked Lane for the first time and it will end now on Ep. 50! Can Austin Lane finally overcome The Master Of FatJutsu before he challenge The Gunshow for the title at SuperBout?

King Cobra will present the new Cobra Cup trophy as they kick off the annual Cobra Cup tournament this week on Memphis Wrestling!

Action Jackson is looking to get closer to a title match by winning the Cobra Cup tournament. To due so he must beat Carlos Alexander Rios in a Round One match.

After coming short last week against Heather Monroe for the Memphis Wrestling Women’s Championship we’ll hear from Diana Taylor.

The Elements Of Wrestling want the Memphis Trios Championship Rings and this week they will face Danny B. Good & Derrick King to earn themselves a Trios Match!

After his return in the Grind City Rumble with 4 eliminations Meklakov will issue a challenge this week on Memphis Wrestling!

Despite being suspended The Posse still find ways to get into the WrestleCenter. We heard that they pay a unauthorized visit to the WrestleCenter earlier this week…

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