CW Anderson announces retirement

After 27 years in professional wrestling, CW Anderson has decided to end in his in ring career. In a very emotional video published by AML, CW says good-bye.

CW Anderson has announced his retirement from in ring action. CW Anderson caught his big break working with Extreme Championship Wrestling. Much of Anderson’s career was spent working in and around wrestling promotions affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance.

In recent years CW had become one of the main attractions for AML, even holding the AML Heavyweight Championship (a title he still holds). It would be fitting for a man who had spent so much time within the NWA, was able to finish up his career as part of the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance.

CW Anderson was re-introduced to the NWA as part othe NWA World Television Title Tournament. First losing to Zicky Dice and later in a Qualifying Gauntlet that Ken Anderson would win. His final match with the NWA was a “Last Chance Match” that featured him teaming with Caleb Konley to tkae on the Dawsons. With Anderson’s team winning, they send the Dawson’s packing out of the NWA.

Anderson’s time in the NWA predates the popularity of the internet, so a bit of his title reigns are a bit incomplete. It was believed he and his original trainer Pat Connor/Anderson are recognized as the first tag team champions when the NWA relationship with IWA Japan came to an end.

Later that year he would win the NWA American Heritage defeating Steve Corino at NWA 2000 Event. He would team again with former partner Pat Anderson to win the NWA 2000 Tag Team Championships and would regain the titles with Cueball Carmichael.

After forming the Extreme Horsemen group with Simon Diamond and Steve Corino in MLW, Corino and Anderson would compete at ZERO1 to win the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship in Japan by defeating Horotaka Yokoi and Kohei Sato. They would go on to lose the titles to Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Otani later that year.

Anderson would occasionally show up in NWA affiliated promotions through out the years. Anderson had landed in NWA In Charlotte where he teamed occasional with Circle Square alumni Jeff Lewis Neal and even challenged him for the Mid-Atlantic Heritage Championship. He would later take part of the National Heavyweight Championship title tournament for NWA World Wide Wrestling, losing to Damien Wayne (he would later team with Wayne as the Extreme Horsemen).

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