Controversy in Mexico regarding NWA titles.

It has been confirmed by the NWA offices in Mexico that it will not sanction this Sunday’s NWA Welterweight title match between Sombra and Ephesto. As the Cubsfan points out the NWA stance on the CMLL controlled NWA titles hasn’t changed since 1991.
The controversy then starts. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, formerly known as Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre was a member of the NWA until the early 80s. Durning that tenure NWA’s World Light Heavyweight, World Middleweight, and World Welterweight were all defended exclusively in Mexico. And since CMLL’s depature of the NWA, the titles have remained exclusive to CMLL.
Offices in Mexico opened for the NWA when Blue Demon Jr. and David Marquez set up shop back in April. Since then there has been a crowning of new NWA Mexico Lightweight champion in Skayde and 2 World Title defesnse.

Credit SuperLuchas by way of the Cubsfan

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