Conquer — Destroy Alliance-Wrestling Radio goes live with Chance Prophet

Alliance-Wrestling Radio goes live Saturday April 3rd 1:30PM Eastern 10:30AM Pacific
Conquer — Destroy the words from a changed man.  The year is 2007, overlooked for a shot in Reclaiming the Glory of the NWA, the National Champion defends the title all over the country, looking to not only elevate his status in the NWA, but the status of the National Championship.  A series of videos would be released entitled “Straight Shootin With the Champ” to spread the word that the National Champion was proud and ready to take the next step.  However, a serious injury would strip the champion of his title, and forever change the would be Poster Boy of the NWA.  
2 years have past since the injury and Chance Prophet has started to make waves in the National Wrestling Alliance once again.  Only this time, instead of Kentucky or West Virgina, the “Dark Child” prepares to make his debut for NWA Dangerous Wrestling Adrenaline Gladiators against the “Canadian Shooter,” Tommy Force.  Before their showdown on April 24th, Chance Prophet will talk to Alliance-Wrestling Radio to share what’s going on with the former champion, plans for Tommy Force,  the Future and we’ll be taking  your calls.
Rack ’em up.
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