Complex forging of [NWA Worlds Champion] Adam Pearce

Canoe–Slam is one of the best websites dedicated to wrestling. And although its a Canadian website, they’ve got pro-wrestling in the US covered. Although the article talks heavily about his duties in ROH, it gives a great recap of the career of Adam Pearce and a lead into the next title defense at the NWA Legends Fan Fest against Bryan Danielson. If Pearce is successful in his defense this Saturday he will be defending against the winner of the Legends Cup the following night.  It should be also noted that the World Champion is scheduled to appear at NWA Southwest, a mere week away from Saturday.  I also found it interesting to read about Pearce’s early days, getting opportunities to work in Europe, his time at the Power Plant, and his rise in the NWA.  I almost forgot that Adam Pearce appeared in the NWA Sanctioned New Japan Pro Wrestling.    

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